Off the Chain Podcast

April 23, 2017By Julie CawoodNews No Comments

I was recently a guest on the Off the Chain podcast, hosted by the lovely and energetic Yvonne Mason. We discuss my work in TV development, the indie book market, and the power of love! The show is available to listen to on Soundcloud, Blog Talk Radio, Mixcloud,, Spreaker, and Podcastgarden. So whichever platform you … Read More

Writing Radically: 5 Questions with JP Cawood

December 28, 2016By Julie CawoodNews No Comments

I’ve been lucky enough to get a short interview with JP Cawood after the release of her debut novel, Love from Mars. Unfolding over the course of two years, the book presents a tense, character-driven romance told from multiple points of view. Emma is a determined reporter who hopes to launch her career by covering an upcoming effort to colonize … Read More