The Wrong Rock
Series: The Wrong Rock
Genres: Action, Adventure, Childrens, Fantasy
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: HEROmation
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Childrens Book
Length: Short Story
Illustrator: Arturo Velasco & Soloman Gamino
ASIN: 099837864X
ISBN: 9780998378640

This is a fantastic tale of the pure of heart overcoming bigotry. Anyone who's experienced, sexism, racism, ageism, political or religious persecution will relate to this story. A character who's passion is unlike the people who he grew up around, discovers a place he can be himself, but faces enormous obstacles to get there. Along the way he exposes the futility of the other character's bigotry and bias and puts it all in perspective so that they can finally deal with the bigger issues in life.

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About the Book

Written by JP Cawood
Story by Michael Cawood
Artwork by Arturo Velasco & Solomon Gamino
Graphics by Kaho Kubo
Cover image created by The Wrong Rock (short film) team.
Thanks to Artella for their support

About the Author
JP Cawood

JP Cawood has developed television series & pilots for Syfy Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Destination America, History Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, and Pivot/Participant. Now telling stories through books, JP writes science fiction/fantasy because the future is now and imagination is the key that unlocks all great mysteries. As a lifelong student of the mystical unknowns, JP has traveled the world in search of truth, beauty, and goodness. JP has lived in France, Britain, India, and many cities across America.