Off the Chain Podcast

April 23, 2017By Julie CawoodNews No Comments

I was recently a guest on the Off the Chain podcast, hosted by the lovely and energetic Yvonne Mason. We discuss my work in TV development, the indie book market, and the power of love! The show is available to listen to on Soundcloud, Blog Talk Radio, Mixcloud,┬á, Spreaker, and Podcastgarden. So whichever platform you … Read More

Happy Read Self-Published Month!

April 4, 2017By Julie CawoodUncategorized 4 Comments

Happy Read Self-Published Month! I’ve recently self-published two science fiction books and have learned the pros and cons of this path. One of the major reasons I wanted to self-published had to do with my career in television. For the past ten years, I’ve created and developed television series, pilots, and pitches. I’ve been lucky … Read More