Guest blog by Voice Over Artist Nicholas Flesher

Can you paint with all the secrets of the universe?

Sam & The Secrets of the Universe is my first ever audiobook production. It has been A LOT of fun and I am super grateful to author JP Cawood, for the opportunity to produce it. Being my first book to record, I learned quite a bit about what it takes to produce an audiobook.

Recording an audiobook is a big operation. First and foremost, you have to read the book that you intend to record (duh!). It is tempting to just jump right in and start recording, but how can you bring the story to life if you don’t know how it goes?

Speaking of bringing a story to life; breathing life and feeling into these characters was extremely fun and enjoyable. I love how the characters feel so human and real even though most of them are alien beings from another part of the universe.

I am a huge fan of Sci-Fi. This book had many Dr. Who-esque moments. Especially when they’re running through another dimension trying to save the universe. My favorite part though, would have to be one scene in which Sam and Ananda are sharing memories with their anti-counter parts and Ananda begins to realize she’s in love with Sam. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the romance. I also love the imagery of Sam’s memories of the best times of life back on Earth.

Sam & The Secrets of the Universe is a fun story about a group of kids from all around the universe, whom, through unfortunate circumstances, are forced to confront themselves in ways they never imagined. They form unbreakable bonds of friendship and overcome immense challenges on a galactic scale in order to discover all the secrets of Havona – the beginning of all creation. Monad is just the start of their journey. Who knows what comes next?

The audio book is now on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

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