Having recently written a science fiction romance, I was thrilled to see the new movie Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. I hope to see the genre expand because these futuristic scenarios can explore the strength of human love through the ever-more complicated situations the future will no doubt serve up. This particular science fiction romance is about two people stranded together on a space ship – which is a commercialized environment that felt stirringly authentic to me. I think they nailed how space travel will be in the future if major corporations get their way. The movie hinges on a major moral dilemma that is both relatable and surprising. Moments of incredible deception are woven in with romantic scenes that made me swoon. I’m a sucker for dating in space-like conditions – read Chapter Three of my new book, Love from Mars and you’ll know exactly what I mean! While some of the end plots felt like the classic Hollywood formula, it worked for me because I was engaged with the characters, their chemistry, and how they interacted in a set-up that simultaneously exposes the strengths and weaknesses of the human condition.

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